Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Do YOU use furniture polish?

While most people have been led to believe that using a spray wax product on your furniture is the best, it actually is the worse thing to use. The reason is, every time you spray the wax on your furniture you add a thin layer of wax that makes it very difficult to clean and maintain. Wax is also very susceptible to water and chemicals.  

You should ideally dust your furniture routinely using  a soft, clean cloth, like an old t-shirt. I like to spritz a little water onto the cloth so that the moisture will attract the dust. If you have heavy dust on your furniture you should wipe in the direction of the grain and then fold the cloth to a fresh area so that the dust will not scratch the surface. This process will remove lint, dust, or grease in most situations. You may also add a little mild soap to your spritzer if you need to clean the surface more. Remove any soapy residue with a clean damp cloth. Do not leave water residue on your furniture. You can lightly buff using a soft cloth as the final step.    

Most fine furniture is finished using solvent based products. Therefore care must be taken to not use solvent based products on your furniture as they can quickly destroy a finish.  A sample of things that should be kept off fine furniture are nail polish remover, hair products, perfumes, and products containing solvents, such as acetone, lacquer thinners and alcohol for furniture finished in shellac. If a spill does occur it is very important to remove immediately in a blotting fashion.  

When possible it is best to use trivets, hot pan pads, table cloths, place mats, and coasters. You should never place a hot pan or dish directly on fine furniture as it can quickly damage the surface. Water condensation that is left on the table can also lead to white marks in the finish where moisture gets trapped creating the white haze.     

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